Funding the education of young people who are the children and grandchildren of leprosy patients,or who are from very poor families, has been an important way that the Rufiji Leprosy Trust has sought to address some of the many barriers that people from Kindwitwi can often face.  As we know, […]

Education Sponsorship

Children at Kindwitwi - October 2022
Between 6 and 15 October 2022, Geoff O’Donoghue (Co-Chair of RLT) and Jennifer Cosgrave (RLT Trustee) travelled to Kindwitwi to spend some long-overdue time with the team on the ground and re-connect with the community that your donations support. The impact of the pandemic has meant that the trustees have […]

Trustee visit to Kindwitwi – October 2022

Your support means that the Rufiji Leprosy Trust can provide young people to access educational opportunities that they might not otherwise have. In our last newsletter we shared with you how RLT supports young people to go to University but did you know that for many years RLT has supported […]

Education in Kindwitwi

This is the latest news from our colleagues in Kindwitwi, specifically Salum.  Salum’s main responsibilities are to make specially adapted shoes for people who have disabilities as a result of leprosy.  He was trained as a shoemaker using funds that you provided to RLT.  We are grateful that Salum collates […]

News from the village November 2020

It is heartening to hear, despite the challenges of COVID, our outreach service has continued, and our teams are still able to help and support those who have contracted leprosy. Here’s what Salum, our talented shoemaker told us: It has been very challenging to carry out our usual outreach work […]

Outreach continues in COVID

Salum, our talented shoemaker, recently sent us the following update on life in Tanzania generally: On the 28th October Presidential and Parliamentary elections will take place in Tanzania and the political atmosphere has been tense over the past weeks and months. The current President, Mr Magufuli is seeking re-election for […]

Situation in Tanzania

In August, James Steel paid a visit to Kindwitwi. James is a colleague of one of the trustees of the Rufiji Leprosy Trust, Geoff O’Donoghue. He stayed at the Father Robin memorial rest house and spent four days getting to know Kindwitwi and the surrounding areas. Here James reflects on […]

What’s so special about Kindwitwi?

This young lady, Acheni, has worked hard and has overcome many challenges as she works towards her dream of becoming an engineer. Acheni’s four grandparents came to the village many years ago when they found out they had leprosy; they were ostracised from society and had no hope and no aspirations. […]

Celebrating women in Kindwitwi – part 2

International Women’s Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. In Kindwitwi, there are many remarkable women who have overcome adversity in their lives – the stigma of leprosy has been one of them! Over 50 years ago, Mrs Nguyu arrived […]

Celebrating women in Kindwitwi – part 1

    Last year, we funded a training course for health workers in the outlying districts to enable them to recognise and treat leprosy. However, our outreach work goes beyond this. When health workers go to villages where people who have had leprosy are living with their families, they also work […]

Outreach work – prevention of disability

People living with leprosy experience numbness and as a result, they need specially made footwear to protect their limbs from becoming damaged. Even so, many have severe disabilities as a result of late diagnosis and infection. Having the right footwear can help these people to walk – giving them greater […]

The importance of shoes

Today, Tuesday 22 March is World Water Day. Organised by UN Water, the day is part of a global mission to get safer water for all. World Water Day dates back to the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development where an international observance for water was recommended. The United […]

World Water Day 2016

This is the final clip from our historical archive audio, showcasing Father Robin Lamburn talking of religion in the village. While RLT places great value on these unique historic documents and the insight they offer into the life of the founder of Kindwitwi, Fr Robin, the personal reflections and faith that […]

Final Audio Clip- Religion in Kindwitwi

Sunday, 31 January 2016 is World Leprosy Day. The aim of World Leprosy Day is to change attitudes and increase public awareness of the fact that leprosy can now be easily prevented and cured. The day was established by French philanthropist and writer, Raoul Follereau in 1954, who after meeting […]

World Leprosy Day 2016 – Leprosy is curable

The main income for people living in Kindwitwi is through agriculture and we actively encourage and help the villagers be self-sufficient. Each villager has a field, known locally as a ‘shamba’. These have a top of fertile soil after the annual floods and crops grown include rice, sesame, pumpkin, tomato […]

Helping people help themselves

This is the eighth clip from our historical archive audio, showcasing Father Robin Lamburn talking of education and the importance of schooling in the village. While RLT places great value on these unique historic documents and the insight they offer into the life of the founder of Kindwitwi, Fr Robin, […]

Education in Kindwitwi- the latest archive audio

  Hamisi’s grandparents both had leprosy many years ago and came to live in Kindwitwi to receive care and treatment.  Rufiji Leprosy Trust has supported Hamisi through kindergarten, primary and secondary school. He is currently away at college studying for an IT qualification and tells us his career dream is […]

Hamisi’s Story

One of the functions of the Leprosy Centre is to ensure sufferers are taught to protect their hands and feet. These two pictures explain why. The usual method of cooking in Kindwitwi is with metal pans being heated up precariously on hot charcoal. And swinging the hoe towards the body can easily […]

Why Hands and Feet need Protection