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Our Objectives

Rufiji Leprosy Trust’s primary responsibility is to raise funds to support the work of KLCCDA (Kindwitiwi Leprosy Care and Community Development Association) in the Rufiji District of Tanzania, enabling the work of the Leprosy Care Centre in Kindwitwi. We have twelve volunteer trustees across the globe with four trustee meetings a year, mostly via teleconference. Our three objectives are:


To find and treat leprosy in the Rufiji area of Tanzania

RLT supports medical work and support in Kindwitwi which includes:
– Supporting the work of the Government funded District TB and Leprosy Co-ordinator with outreach visits and support programmes
– Providing funding for the training of local health workers to diagnose leprosy and advise on prevention of disability
-We also support the government run dispensary and fund the salaries of two nurses

To support ex-leprosy patients and their families throughout the district

For many years RLT has been supporting:
– A housing complex in Kindwitwi for 20 villages severely affected by leprosy in need of full-time care
– Extra help for those trying to live independently
– A mother-and-baby clinic in Kindwitwi
– Extra help with the costs of education for those affected by leprosy and their families

To promote self-sufficiency among those affected by leprosy and their families

Currently RLT supports:
– A kindergarten in Kindwitwi
– Payment of the cost of education for all at primary level
– Contributions to secondary education
– Contributions to further education
– Help with agricultural development
– A library and meeting room in Kindwitwi
– Connection of electricity to the centre’s buildings
– A guest house for visits by doctors, specialists and other visitors

View the latest RLT financial accounts here – 

RLT Accounts – 30 September 2014 (Final, signed)

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