Father Robin Lamburn – Audio Archive



As part of an ongoing project Trustee’s from RLT have been working on collecting memories, photos and stories from people who knew Father Robin Lamburn as part of the 20 year commemoration of Father Robins passing. Father Robin is sometimes referred to as the founder of Kindwitwi and his work is the foundation for the Kindwitwi Leprosy Care Centre today. For more information on our history and Father Robin please visit our history pages.

While RLT places great value on these unique historic documents and the insight they offer into the life of Fr Robin, the personal reflections and faith that he shares do not necessarily represent the views of the Trust.


Audio 1 – About the site and deciding to get involved in 1963 (poor sound quality)

Audio 2 – Initial problems with taking over the site and stigma

Audio 3 – Conversations with the leaders 

Audio 4 – Taking over the site in January 1964

Audio 5 –   Feeding patients and the problem of reliance, crime and punishment and religious differences

Audio 6 – Overcoming initial resistance and fostering self sufficiency

Audio 7 – Improving Medical Care

Audio 8 – Education in Kindwitwi

Audio 9 – Stigma 

Audio 10 – Religion

For those of you who would prefer to read the transcript please see our News Archive. Due to the sound quality we are unable to give you the full details but hope this gives you a flavour of the recording.