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weavingYour donations go towards:

  • the maintenance and development of the ward, our accommodation for older people living with leprosy who can no longer care for themselves
  • education
  • resources at the Kindwitwi Leprosy Care Centre.

The Kindwitwi Leprosy Care Centre helps those affected by leprosy who continue to need support as a result of disability or stigma resulting from their illness.  They have come from villages throughout Tanzania and have chosen to settle in Kindwitwi. Some of those who have been affected by leprosy will have no serious, long term effects, however, some are left with numbness throughout their body or loss of fingers or feet.

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People who have been affected by leprosy and may struggle to cope with living independently are able to live on the Ward where meals and daily support is provided.  Many people are able to live more independent lives, growing food, taking care of their families and earning a living.   Those who live in the ward with disabilities are encouraged to keep as active and as independent as possible making goods and growing crops.

If you’d like to support the work we do, you can do so in a number of ways. For more information, visit the How to Donate section of this website.