Improving health care in the village- latest archive audio

This latest clip is the seventh from historical archive audio showcases Father Robin Lamburn talking of issues with improving medical care in the village.

While RLT places great value on these unique historic documents and the insight they offer into the life of the founder of Kindwitwi, Fr Robin, the personal reflections and faith that he shares do not necessarily represent the views of the Trust.   For those of you who want to hear the material please visit our special pages and see below:

Please see the transcript below for clip 7:

We had not been running the camp very long when I realised that there was something radically wrong with the medical work. Cases that should have been improving rapidly with the modern drugs that were being issued were actually getting worse. There was nothing to be done about this until I could get proper medical assistance.

Fortunately, this was available and Christopher Washiri came as nurse in charge. We saw a picture of Christopher Washiri in the picture of the village committee. Now, here is a picture of his wife and baby standing outside their home. I should like to point out to you the heroic part played by women like Christopher’s wife. It’s not easy to live in the midst of a couple of hundred leprosy patients. Not because of the risk of infection, that’s very slight, but because the patients are so very often truculent, ill tempered and, alas, not at all good neighbours.  It is perhaps the mental effect of a disease and certainly it’s the result of a social ostracism to which they are subjected. Christopher very soon found out what was wrong. The patients duly received their Dapsone tablets and simply threw them away.  

You see, it may be a great misfortune to have leprosy but if you have got it then it is an asset, you can beg and it is your right to beg and they give you everything. So, don’t try to get cured, that’s just to throw away your God-given assets.

This called for sharp, swift action. The word went forth, every patient to swallow his Dapsone in the nurse’s presence. And anyone who doesn’t come regularly will be deleted from the ration list. Then, things began to improve and patients to be cured.