News from the village November 2020

This is the latest news from our colleagues in Kindwitwi, specifically Salum. 

Salum’s main responsibilities are to make specially adapted shoes for people who have disabilities as a result of leprosy.  He was trained as a shoemaker using funds that you provided to RLT.  We are grateful that Salum collates stories and insights so that our supporters from around the world can connect with Kindwitwi in a deeper way.

Thank you, Salum and everyone in Kindwitwi for sharing your stories and news!

Leprosy patient’s care

One of the most important areas of work that the Rufiji Leprosy Trust funds is something we call “The Ward”.  This is a place where people that have disabilities as a result of leprosy and are unable to live in their own homes are cared for by full time staff.

We currently have 9 people receiving full time care and support, which includes accommodation, food as well as medical care and the day to day support that is necessary when you have a disability.  There is a strong sense of community amongst the Ward residents and you will often see the group weaving, cooking and working together throughout the day.

To the left, you can see a picture of Salumu who is sitting outside his room.  You may be able to see I the picture that Salumu has problems with his sight, a common consequence of treating leprosy in its late stages.

Research show that people are happier and have better health outcomes when they can be independent and surrounded by friends and family at home.  Perhaps you have seen the same in your own country and community?  It is because of this that we also support people that have disabilities from leprosy to live with their family. 

The Rufiji Leprosy Trust supports 22 people to live at home by providing food rations amongst other forms of support.  Family members play a vital role in providing the necessary care for ex-leprosy patients to lead full and healthy lives.  We would like to thank all of those in Kindwitwi who have such important care giving responsibilities. Below you can see an image of one of our patients that receives partial support from RLT.

One of the big challenges we face is having enough medicines to adequality treat all the needs of our patients.  As many of you who have visited us know, Kindwitwi is a remote village and not very easy to get to.  We are lucky to have a Medical Dispensary in Kindwitwi because many of our neighbouring villages do not have such a resource.  We are working hard to ensure that sufficient medicines are available for everyone.