Launch of #MyHandsandFeet challenge

campaignGet your cameras at the ready and your social media active!

Your hands and feet can make a difference with our exciting new challenge to raise funds for those affected by leprosy.

Simply take a picture of your hands or feet (or all both!) and share it across your Facebook, Twitter Instagram and other social media networks with #MyHandsandFeet. Then:

Text HAND43 £5 to 70070 to donate £5

You can donate any amount up to £30 by text – for instance if you wish to donate £20 you would text HAND4320 or HAND43 £20.

Get creative! Paint your nails, show us your shoes, make hand shadow shapes or wear sparkling gloves!

We’d love to see and share your pictures, so please:

You can see just some of the ways how your donation will help, visit our dedicated Hands and Feet Challenge page.

We’ve chosen to launch this challenge on the International Day of Older Persons (IDOP), a United Nations’ (UN) designated day which calls for global observance to recognise the contributions of older persons and examine issues that affect their lives.

While we care for every generation affected by leprosy, through the Kindwitwi Leprosy Care Centre we provide a wonderful residential home which supports 20 people affected by leprosy. Most of the residents here are older people and they were diagnosed with leprosy in the 50s and 60s. At this time, there was a lot stigma associated with leprosy and access to treatment was very limited, so as well having health issues associated with old age, many are also living with severe disabilities.

At this home, these older people receive full care support, nutritious meals, their own rooms and medical assistance; people who have been affected by leprosy frequently have severe scar tissue which must be treated daily.

Most significantly the people living here have had their lives transformed from one of exclusion to being a genuine part of the community; they are able to socialise, work, participate in meaningful activities, and perhaps most importantly, are loved and cared for.

Let’s fill social media with #MyHandsandFeet pictures and make a real difference
 to the lives of people affected by leprosy.

Thank you for your support

Please note: only mobile users with a UK provider can use the text donation service. If you live outside the UK and don’t have a UK mobile provider then please donate via the DONATE button  on this website or via our Facebook pages.