Third in the series- Father Lamburn conversations with local leaders

This recording is the third from the series and covers Father Robin Lamburn’s initial discussions with local leaders on establishing Kindwitwi to care for those affected by leprosy. For those of you who want to hear the material please visit our special pages and see below:

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There was still a very great difficulty to be overcome before we could start work.   The leprosarium was under the care of the District Council and the Council were Muslims to a man and they offered the strongest objections to handing this work over to a Christian mission.   In fact, they blankly refused our offer to take over the leprosarium.   Fortunately, there was in existence, a Development Subcommittee on which sat a number of more progressive members of the Council, together with a doctor and other administrators.   This Committee passed a motion asking the District Council to reconsider its decision, as it seemed to them a disgraceful thing that a Council which had proved itself unable to run the leprosarium should refuse to hand it over to a body who seemed likely to be able to do so quite well.  And so, in the end, the Council agreed that we should take over as from the 1st January, 1964, but on a condition that we should not use the leprosarium as a centre for missionary activity.