Rufiji Leprosy Trust has benefitted from many legacies over the years – which have really changed the lives of people in Kindwitwi. We have used legacy income to support leprosy relief work, development of new needs for the village and within our daily support of the village. Thank you so […]

Legacies for Rufiji Leprosy Trust

We are sorry to bring you the news that Bob Laverton MBE, who was a trustee of RLT for more than 30 years, passed away at the age of 100 earlier this month.  Amongst his many accomplishments, Bob spent forty-two years with Lloyds Bank plc, of which 22 were in […]

News from the Trustees – Bob Laverton – June 2022

For this instalment of the Newsletter, we asked the team in Kindwitwi to share with us the story of the Ward, which is one of the most important projects that your donations continue to support.  In their own words, this is what the team told us! Kindwitwi Leprosy Ward was […]

Leprosy News from Kindwitwi – June 2022

Bob Laverton
Many of you will know or remember G.W.W. Laverton. Bob is one of the founding members of the Rufiji Leprosy Trust and was awarded an MBE in 2004 for his services to RLT in Tanzania.  His dedication to the people of Kindwitwi has always been unwavering.  We are happy to […]

G.W.W. Laverton’s 100th Birthday

We have been going through our archives and came across a newsletter from Father Robin Lamburn in 1979 he wrote: ‘In six months’ time we hope to establish a really good Day Care Centre for the children who are under school age. Little babies are usually well cared for by […]

News from the Trustees- April 2021

Dr William Mapuga
Leprosy detection work continues, and five new Leprosy diagnoses have been made since our last newsletter. Community sensitisation work continues in schools and villages. The National TB and Leprosy Programme has held its annual meeting and resolved to try and eliminate Leprosy as a Public Health problem from all regions […]

Leprosy News- April 2020

We are always happy to hear about visitors to Kindwitwi. This year the Kindwitwi Team hosted Rachel Manolson and her family. Rachel spent six months in Kindwitwi in her gap year in 1990. She lived as Father Robin’s guest and spent time assessing and documenting the disabilities faced by individual […]

Kindwitwi welcomes visitors

The Rufiji Leprosy Trust believes that education is a way to support people to gain access to new opportunities and find pathways to better lives especially when they have been directly impacted by leprosy.  The Trust uses some of the funds you donate to sponsor young people whose family have […]

Education Sponsorship

All our readers are aware that Leprosy is curable. But did you know work is being done to prevent the spread of leprosy within a population? We were pleased to hear that in October Dr. NJacko, who works closely with our Chairman Burchard Rwamtoga and the Tanzania National TB and […]

News from the Trustees

Salum, the village shoemaker shares with us the latest leprosy updates and news from the village. Over the past three months heavy rain has been affecting several areas in Tanzania.  These rains have caused flooding and a number of rivers have overflowed.  We have also seen damage to houses and […]

News from the village

News from the Trustees: The Rufiji Leprosy Trust’s Annual Report to the Charity Commission. Each year the Rufiji Leprosy Trust submits financial and narrative reports to the Charity Commission in the UK. In case you have not had a chance to look up this information on RLT’s 2018 performance, we […]

Making a difference to the lives of people living with ...

We are proud to have developed relationships with a number of institutions that want to support our community achieve our goals and vision. Kikundi cha Mafanikio (KCM) produces vegetables under the support of Better Lives Organisation. It produces vegetables for the RLT supported kindergarten, enabling the children to have a […]

The KCM vegetable garden

A few months ago, you will remember we updated you on the changes to our partner organisation in Kindwitwi, which changed its operating name from Kindwitwi Leprosy Care and Community Development Association (KLCCDA) to the Foundation for Rapid Response to TB and Leprosy (FRRTL). Click here for more details. This […]

An update from The Foundation for Rapid Response to TB ...

In Salum’s latest update we were sorry hear one of our long-standing ex-leprosy patients, Habiba, has passed away on 18th May 2019. Habiba had lived for many years in Kindwitwi, and had been a widow since her husband died here in 1979. She had been living in our ward and had been […]

Vale Habiba – a well loved lady in Kindwitwi

We are always encouraging Kindwitwi to develop relationships with different donors and individuals that want to support Kindwitwi in other areas of village life and development besides leprosy related aspects. So we were really pleased when Salum, our specially trained shoemaker told us the following: “One of our supporters is […]

Strengthening local support

Rufiji Leprosy Trust would like to inform RLT donors of some changes affecting the status of our partner organisation. Our long-term donors may remember that back in 2006, the RLT Trustees resident in Tanzania worked very hard with the staff in Kindwitwi to facilitate the formation of a Not for […]

Our partner organisation in Kindwitwi