Celebrating women in Kindwitwi – part 2

This young lady, Acheni, has worked hard and has overcome many challenges as she works towards her dream of becoming an engineer.

Acheni’s four grandparents came to the village many years ago when they found out they had leprosy; they were ostracised from society and had no hope and no aspirations.

On arrival in Kindwitwi, they found support and acceptance and were able to set up homes and have a family life.

Acheni attended the local school and excelled in her studies. Recognising her abilities, her parents have worked hard to ensure she could continue her studies.

This young lady has overcome many things – stereotypes stigma, and the challenge of studying for exams whilst living in a village with no mains electricity!

We are delighted she is currently in her first year studying an Electrical Engineering degree at Dar es Salaam University.

If you’d like to help young girls (and boys!) like Acheni, please donate to our dedicated education fund and give every child in Kindwitwi the opportunity to follow their dreams and to be the best that they can be.