Situation in Tanzania

Salum, our talented shoemaker, recently sent us the following update on life in Tanzania generally:

On the 28th October Presidential and Parliamentary elections will take place in Tanzania and the political atmosphere has been tense over the past weeks and months.

The current President, Mr Magufuli is seeking re-election for a second 5-year term that under the current constitution would be his final time in office. He is opposed by two main opposition candidates, Tundu Lissu of the Chadema party and Bernard Member from ACT Wazalendo.

Like with all countries around the world, it is difficult to know exactly how many people have been affected by the coronavirus. Travel restrictions have also made it difficult for us to move around and visit other communities.

Despite this, restrictions have begun to ease and at the end of October the local board was able to meet to discuss the important issues impacting Kindwitwi and ensure that we continue to develop and grow as a community.

Below you can see a picture of our meeting.  From left to right the people that attended the meeting, do you recognise any of us?!

From left – Asha Mtunga, Mohamed Mtumbi, Jonathan Moyo – Invited, Frank Mpalaza, Burchard Rwamtoga, Abdallah Nguyu and Dr Nnally)