A sad farewell to Val – Trustee Update

After many years as a Trustee of Rufiji Leprosy Trust, Val Mead has decided it’s time to step down. Even Val can’t remember exactly when her involvement with RLT began. She became aware of the work of RLT when she helped her teaching colleague, Ernest Polack, work the photocopier to produce the RLT newsletter. She then helped with various secretarial duties before becoming a trustee herself after her retirement from teaching.

Val Mead sitting on a train
Val Mead – Former Trustee RLT

In the twenty or so years Val has been a Trustee she has contributed hugely to the work of RLT. She made many trips to Tanzania and was a vital link between Kindwitwi village and the trustees in the UK. The relationships she forged in Tanzania enabled the KLCCDA to be formed and laid the foundations for the current model where RLT provides the funds to a partner organisation.

In her role as RLT secretary Val was most definitely the life blood of the board.  Val collated copy and printed and posted out the newsletter for very many years. The fact that what Val did on her own producing the newsletter, is now shared across three trustees is testament to the many hours Val devoted to RLT.  For most of her professional career, Val was a teacher of Economics both in schools and at the University of East Anglia. She has worked for the GAP organisation, being responsible for preparing and placing volunteers in both South Africa and Tanzania.

The Trustees are particularly grateful for the personal support she has given them, her professionalism and attention to detail, all of which have enabled the smooth running of RLT. Val brought an energy and passion to the board that was infectious and uplifting.  There was always a lot of laughter when Val was at a board meeting and her stories and wonderful way with words will be a loss for us all. She will be very much missed, and we wish her and her husband well now she has retired from the role.

Val Mead
Val Mead- Former Trustee on a visit to Tanzania

Thank you, Val for all the time, effort and love that you put into RLT.  The legacy of your work will be forever imprinted in the Trust and in the hearts of the Trustees.