Final Audio Clip- Religion in Kindwitwi

This is the final clip from our historical archive audio, showcasing Father Robin Lamburn talking of religion in the village.

While RLT places great value on these unique historic documents and the insight they offer into the life of the founder of Kindwitwi, Fr Robin, the personal reflections and faith that he shares do not necessarily represent the views of the Trust.   For those of you who want to hear the material please visit our special pages and see below:

Please see the transcript below for clip 10.

No doubt some of you who have been listening to this tape want to ask, what about the evangelistic work?  How many converts have you made by this work amongst leprosy patients? I must say that the question makes me a little unhappy. From the beginning of this work I found myself working to the motto ‘pray and serve, leave the rest to God’’. 

It is God who converts men to Himself, we must leave that to Him. All we can do is to proclaim the Gospel and witness to it. Again, the coming of the Kingdom of God is not to be measured by the numbers baptised.  The leaven works unseen by men. I beg you to think of the hundreds of people who today are ready to welcome a cured leprosy patient back to their village, who, seven years ago would have turned him out as a cursed of Allah. Is that not a step, ay and a long one towards the coming of the Kingdom of the God of love? 

His name is Thomas. The very first time I met him he came to ask me to get him a spoon because his hands were so bad that he could no longer eat with his fingers. I looked at his hands, they were in a pitiful state and I said, “Of course I’ll get you a spoon but why didn’t you ask me for one long ago?”. He answered, “I thought that perhaps if you got me a spoon you wouldn’t be able to give one to somebody else who needed one”. We are building a little Church at Kindwitwi and Tom says, “You are never to pay a Verger to keep the Church swept that will be my job, my offering to God”. And remember Thomas has no fingers and is terribly lame.

The Government Department of Social Welfare has now given us a very generous grant for the running of Kindwitwi. They further propose to second a young administrator to work under me for a year or two so as to be ready to take over from me. Don’t think that this means the Church will have no further part in Kindwitwi, far from it. Today we are no longer aiming at having lots of Christian institutions but we are aiming to have Christians working in all institutions so that the love of God will be manifested, not in a few chosen places, but everywhere and the Church of Christ will be seen to be the true servant of all even as Christ himself came, not to be administered unto but to minister.