Trustees’ update – Autumn 2017

In late October our co-chair Dr Sarah Feather is visiting Kindwitwi to meet with members of the Kindwitwi Leprosy Care Centre.

While other trustees have been over recently, it has been several years since Sarah has been to Kindwitwi and we’ll updating you on her trip through on our social media channels (we’re on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) and on our website soon – so watch this space!

Our support for those living in Kindwitwi is mainly focused on the care and cure of those living with leprosy and education about the disease.

This includes supporting:

– an office
– a ward to care for long-term patients
– a clinic and dispensary
– an outreach programme where staff travel into the surrounding area to find and assist people living with leprosy
– a specialist shoemaker (Mr Salum Kipoloya)

The organisation Better Lives is helping people living in Kindwitwi achieve sustainable food and income self-reliance.

We also ensure children receive an education by supporting the kindergarten and we have also supported some students to continue their studies further afield.

Recognising the village needed to develop in other areas, several years ago we introduced Kindwitwi to an organisation called ‘Better Lives’.

Working independently from us, the organisation assists those living in Kindwitwi by, for instance, providing loans to individuals to set up a business.

To learn more about the work Better Lives carries out in the village visit its website.