Autumn news from Kindwitwi

Read the latest news from the village, written by Salum Kipoloya, our specialist shoemaker in Kindwitwi

Leprosy News

“We are pleased to let you know there has been good news from the village during the last two quarters with only two new cases detected. One patient came from the village of Muyuyu and is 40 years old. He has started his course of treatment, which he will take for the next 12 months.”

Village News

The village has experienced some sad times recently, as Salum explains:

Mzee Somoe

Mzee Somoe , who we had been caring for long-term in our ward will be missed by many

“I am sorry to tell you, one of our former patients Mzee Somoe Msham Liokoele died at the end of May. Mzee Somoe was the widow of Mzee Matyanga who sadly passed away three years ago.

As I am sure you are aware, one of the main areas in which your generous donations support is the care of long-term patients on the Ward.  These members of our community are people unable to care for themselves (as a result of having disabilities from leprosy) and do not have family members to care for them at home.

The villagers living on the Ward make up a vibrant part of our community and Mzee Somoe, like her husband, will be sorely missed.”



Salum says the second item of sad news is rather distressing.

” We are shocked to report the death of Muharami Ndete (brother of Jumanne who was our former Occupational Therapist). Muharami and his friend went at night fishing on the river and were attacked by a crocodile. His friend survived the attack but unfortunately, Muharami did not.

Following the incident, Government game rangers killed two crocodiles. This is a stark reminder of the dangers we face living here in Kindwitwi and how we constantly try to find the balance between a healthy diet and personal safety. Our thoughts go out to the family of Muharami at this very difficult time.”

Siasa Primary School graduation

Despite these sad events, there has been much to celebrate, and Salum tells us about the graduation celebrations.

Students receiving gifts

Students receiving gifts at the graduation ceremony

“Education is a very important theme in our community and we try to support and celebrate the achievements of the young people in our community.  One way we do this is by celebrating our students when they graduate to a new class with a public celebration.

Many of our young people from Kindwitwi attend a primary school called Siasa.  We recently celebrated the graduation of two students, Omari and Bahati as they recently completed their standard seven (primary school) and are now moving on to secondary school.

Both students took their national exams and did very well. The Head Teacher also singled them out for special commendation for their good behaviour and dedication to their studies.

Young girl at Primary School graduation

Young girl at Primary School graduation

As part of the graduation ceremony, the teachers and pupils sang a special song and did a dance.

Both Omari and Bahati were given gifts by their parents as well as a certificate from the school to recognise their achievement.

I am sure you will join us in congratulating them and wishing them well for their future studies.”