G.W.W. Laverton’s 100th Birthday

Many of you will know or remember G.W.W. Laverton. Bob is one of the founding members of the Rufiji Leprosy Trust and was awarded an MBE in 2004 for his services to RLT in Tanzania.  His dedication to the people of Kindwitwi has always been unwavering.  We are happy to share that this year, Bob will celebrate his 100th birthday. In a letter to a RLT trustee last year Bob joked, “present situation 99 not out – target 100 not out”. From all the Trustees and supporters of RLT we congratulate you on your “100 not out”!  We wish you a very happy birthday and thank you for all the care and support you have shown to RLT, Kindwitwi and Tanzania. Below you will see a photograph of Bob (right) in Kindwitwi in 1992 with Canon Robin Lamburn.

Bob LavertonIf you would like to send Bob a message you are very welcome to share your good wishes with us at the RLT email address and we will happily pass them on.