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The news from Kindwitwi village is sent by the Centre Manager, Abdallah Nguyu, to the editors in the UK. The newsletters contain news not only about Kindwitwi, but also about the part the Centre plays in leprosy control in the Rufiji region and occasional news of our Trustees.

The first newsletter was produced in 1989 by Teresa and Robin Pim, and the editors hold an almost complete back set. To access an earlier copy, or to submit items for the newsletter, please write to:

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(July 19, 2018)
Newsletter-111-Rufiji-Leprosy-Trust-final.pdf download View | Download
Summary: Our outreach team diagnose three new cases of leprosy, education update, it’s harvest time and more!
(April 3, 2018)
Newsletter-110-Rufiji-Leprosy-Trust.pdf download View | Download
Summary: Congratulations to Rajabu for his secondary school results, celebrating the women of Kindwitwi, launch of Bill Powell education fund
(December 20, 2017)
Newsletter-109-Rufiji-Leprosy-Trust.pdf download View | Download
Summary: Kindwitwi locals then and now, news from the village and Trustee Dr Sarah’s visit to Kindwitwi
(October 6, 2017)
Rufiji-Leprosy-Trust-Newsletter-107-Final.pdf download View | Download
Summary: News from the village – including an update on Primary School graduation, the ferry and the growing season
Keywords: ferry, Graduation, growing season, Leprosy, Leprosy update, Primary School, Village news
Categories: News
(April 23, 2017)
RLT-Newsletter-106-April-2017.pdf download View | Download
Summary: News from the village, new building, flooding, shop online and raise funds for us, and test your knowledge of leprosy
(January 4, 2017)
Newsletter-105-December-2016.pdf download View | Download
Summary: The importance of education and early detection, cultivation in the village, support for RLT and a marathon fundraising effort by a Trustee
(October 5, 2016)
RLT-Newsletter-104-Sept-2016-.pdf download View | Download
Summary: 13 new cases diagnosed in the last quarter, importance of outreach, work at the dispensary, visitors to the village and Trustee to raise funds for us running the New York marathon
Keywords: children, Disability, Kindwitwi, Leprosy, shoes, Tanzania
(July 23, 2016)
RLT-Newsletter-103-June-2016-For-Website.pdf download View | Download
Summary: New motorbike, a wedding, worries about the harvest and fishing
(May 9, 2016)
Newsletter-102-March-2016.pdf download View | Download
Summary: Raw materials for shoes, new water tank, floods, vale Mzee Mkambakamba, educating the children in Kindwitwi  
(December 24, 2015)
No-101-Dec-2015.pdf download View | Download
Summary: Kindwitwi gets behind the newly elected President, John Magufuli’s clean-up campaign. Leprosy update includes six new cases of leprosy were diagnosed and 41 tailor-made shoes were made or repaired. And a marriage was celebrated in Kindwitwi.