Visiting Kindwitwi

Information for visitors to Kindwitwi

Kindwitwi Village is situated 120 miles south of Dar es Salaam on the south bank of the Rufiji River (for a map see here). Kindwitwi welcomes visitors, and the stream of people visiting over the last 35 years has helped to demonstrate that leprosy is not something to be feared; it cannot be transmitted by patients who are undergoing treatment or those that have been cured.

Bookings must be made in advance with the Centre Manager, Abdallah Nguyu.



In 1995, the Board of Management built a Guest House with views of the lake, which was named ‘The Canon Lamburn Memorial Rest House’. The guest house has two bedrooms, with bunk beds and mosquito nets for each bed. There is a spacious lounge and veranda, as well as a large camping ground. There is occasional power supplied by solar panels and an outside latrine. Water for washing is provided by rain water tanks, the lake or hot springs. Bottled drinking water is sold at local shops. The guest house is staffed by a members of staff at the Care Centre and night watchman.

For rates please contact the Centre Manager, Abdallah Nguyu.

Food is also available and can include:
– Tea, 1 egg, 2 chapatti and fruit for breakfast
– Rice, fish, vegetables and fruit for lunch
– Chips, 2 eggs, kachumbari and fruit for dinner

Clothes can be washed at a small fee.

All costs are available on request.

learningRecommended packing list

~ Torch – all sizes of battery available at the village shops
~ Socks and long-sleeved shirts for evening protection from mosquitoes
~ Mosquito repellent: oil, spray, cream. Check on malaria prophylaxis with your doctor
~ Short-wave radio if you want to listen to the BBC World Service
~ Clothes – shorts not culturally acceptable, especially for women

Whilst gifts are more than welcome and appreciated please seek the advice of the Centre Manager before giving them out to ensure the presents are distributed equally. Gifts for the children of the Kindergarten such as: pencils, toys or clothes are ideal.
NB All visitors will benefit from learning some Swahili in advance. Very few people speak English.

Transport to Kindwitwi

stuckOn the day before travel, arrange for a taxi to take you from where you are staying to the Mbagala Bus Station (in the Temeke area). The first bus to Utete leaves from the bus stand called ‘Mbagala rangi tatu’ between 06.00 and 06.30. You should arrive at the stand at least 15 minutes earlier. A second bus leaves Mbagala at 13.00. The cost is about Tz sh 6,000/- and the journey takes about five hours. Ask the bus conductor to drop you at Kindwitwi Village, 4 km before Utete.

Information about Tanzania

~ Seasons: June-October – Dry and cool, November-May – rainy and hot
~ Time: GMT +3
~ Visas: Available at the Tanzanian Embassy in your country. Please arrange a visa before arrival

Medical Students on Elective

Medical students are welcome at both the District Hospital and Kindwitwi Dispensary. Please contact the District Medical Officer, P O Box 22, Utete, Rufiji, Tanzania, or email Arrangements are made by Mr Nguyu, the Centre Manager in Kindwitwi. In both cases, a reasonable time commitment should be made eg. a minimum of six weeks, and basic Swahili learned in advance. If working at the District Hospital in Utete and living in Kindwitwi, you will need to walk 5- 6 miles a day (around 3 miles there and back).