Renovations to the administration office

Salum, our village shoemaker shares with us some news from the village.

“Climate change is starting to affect many parts of the world and Tanzania is no different. We are experiencing more erratic weather throughout the year and, more often than not, hotter temperatures.

Our administrative office previously had a low roof, however, this led to the building becoming incredibly hot to the point of being unusable.

The roof had not been changed in many years and was suffering from general wear and tear.

We have replaced and raised the roof and the building is now a much cooler and more comfortable place to work. In the pictures below you can see the work being done to raise the level of the roof and then the finished building.”









We are sad to inform our readers that weather has not been good to the region over the past months and has damaged the rice that we planted between December and January.

For the past two months we have had no rain, which has caused the rice to turn brown.

Below you can see an example of what the impact of the drought on the rice.