Over 250 people screened in the Rufiji area

Figures in from last year show just important our outreach work is.

 In July funds from the BMA grant were used to support a team to visit five villages and screen for cases of leprosy. The District TB and Leprosy Co-ordinator (DTLC), our shoe maker and two clinicians from local dispensaries screened a total of 256 people presenting with skin or nerve problems.

Luckily most people presenting with skin problems turned out to have minor fungal infections which are easily treated. However, the team did find twelve new cases of leprosy amongst those screened.

Health care centres and dispensaries visited in the past 12 months include Tawi, Mangi, Rungungu, Mlanzi, Jaribu Mjawi, Kbiti, Ikwiriri, Mohoro, Consolata and Bungu.


Twelve people with eye problems were sent to the hospital in Utete for further screening and they were given treatment as well as sunglasses.

Specially made shoes are essential for people living with leprosy. Leprosy causes numbness in areas of the body, and if people do not have feeling in their feet, they very often do not notice when they cut or scrape themselves. This can lead to serious infections, and in some cases, amputations.

In the last quarter our shoemaker distributed 37 pairs of ready made shoes. He also repaired 16 pairs, and tailor-made an additional 18 pairs for individuals with certain needs .