News from the village

Salum, the village shoemaker shares with us the latest leprosy updates and news from the village.

Dear Readers,

Greetings to you all and we hope that you are keeping well. Let me start with leprosy news.

There was one patient detected in this quarter. He was a male, came from Kibiti with MB type of leprosy. A patient was self-reported, then he started the treatment.

Sadly the disease had already progressed to disability grade 2 because he had wounds to the soles of the feet. His name is Saidi.

Here you can see Dr. Nnally checking the patient’s eyes when he reported at the DTLC’s office.

Siasa Primary School graduation

Education is a very important in our community. We support and celebrate the achievements of the young people. We do this is by celebrating our students when they graduate to a new class.

Recently we celebrated the graduation of four students from Kindwitwi, one of them was my son called Rashid.

According to results given/announced, three of them were passed and one was failed.

I am happy that Rashid passed and is ready to join Secondary School Form One next year.

The guest of honour during the graduation was the District Commissioner.

Visitors to the village

In October, we were visited by Justine and his wife. Justin works with an organisation call Better Lives. He came to the village to see the progress of the Kikundi Cha Mafanikio (KCM).

Better Lives provides funds to support activities such as production vegetables for the kindergarten.

Justin and his wife helped the cook to clean the vegetables to be ready for cooking at kindergarten.