News from the village

Salum, the village shoemaker shares with us the latest leprosy updates and news from the village.

Over the past three months heavy rain has been affecting several areas in Tanzania.  These rains have caused flooding and a number of rivers have overflowed.  We have also seen damage to houses and infrastructure however the main cause for concern for the villagers of Kindwitwi is that we are not able to plough our fields, as floodwater remains high.  The seasonal rains are expected to continue however we do not know how this will affect us.  You can find out more information about these floods  by clicking here.

Election time

Elections were recently held in Tanzania and a new Village chairman has been selected.

The new chairman is called Saidi Hemedi Kindemba who was chosen after he won the local government seat.  He is part of the Chama Ch Mapinduzi (CCM) political party, the name cane be translated to mean the “Party of the Revolution”.  This is the dominant ruling part in Tanzania and the second largest ruling party in Africa.

Saidi having a discussion with Yohana.

Sad news from The Ward

I am sorry to inform you that one of our long-term ex-leprosy patients, Mzee Abdallah passed away in October.

The picture of Mzee Abdallah is when he was working with reeds to make a mat.  Many of the patients on the ward have great handicraft skills and generate small amounts of income to support themselves.

Rest in peace Mzee Abdallah, you will be missed by all who knew you.

Mzee Abdallah weaving outside The Ward