Kindwitwi welcomes visitors

We are always happy to hear about visitors to Kindwitwi.

This year the Kindwitwi Team hosted Rachel Manolson and her family.

Rachel spent six months in Kindwitwi in her gap year in 1990. She lived as Father Robin’s guest and spent time assessing and documenting the disabilities faced by individual leprosy patients. She also interviewed some of the residents about their experiences of the disease. She then went on to do a dissertation on leprosy as part of her nursing degree.

Her 1990 trip had a significant impact on the direction of her life and Rachel has always wanted to take her family to Tanzania. This year she was able to realise this ambition and visited Kindwitwi with her husband and three boys (aged 11, 13 & 16) to Kindwitwi.  It was a big surprise for Rachel to arrive at the village to find electricity and some pumped water! Not everything is the same as in 1990.

Rachel is pictured with her family by Father Robin’s grave. Before they embarked on the trip, Rachael and her family had listened to the Archive audio recordings of Father Robin so they could hear about what life was like in the village when Father Robin first came to Kindwitwi.

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