Education Sponsorship

The Rufiji Leprosy Trust believes that education is a way to support people to gain access to new opportunities and find pathways to better lives especially when they have been directly impacted by leprosy.  The Trust uses some of the funds you donate to sponsor young people whose family have been affected by leprosy to gain access to educational opportunities that they would otherwise not have.  We thought you might like to hear a little bit about the students we are currently sponsoring.

  1. Rajebu is now in his second year of sixth form studies and we wish him well in his exams next year.
  2. Acheni is in her third year of her Electrical Engineering Degree course.
  3. Karim is studying in Dodoma to be a Civil Servant.
  4. Rukia is doing some short English and Computing courses and her aim is that these will provide her with skills to obtain have a job which will bring in an income to help her family support her severely disabled brother.
  5. Asmin is our newest student being sponsored. Together with her parents, we are contributing towards the cost of her three-year Clinical Medicine course in Tanga.

We are also supporting a village boy through secondary school. His parents died several years ago, and he was being brought up by his grandparents who were both affected by leprosy. Sadly, his grandparents also passed away this year and he is currently totally reliant on the support of the Rufiji Leprosy Trust for his Education and Welfare.

We remain very grateful to our donors who enable us to support these young people from the village.

Acheni, pictured here in one of her lectures