Education and Sponsorship Update

Acheni- an RLT sponsored student

RLT understands that the consequences of leprosy are not just physical or psychological; it can have an impact on a family’s opportunities for generations to come.  That is why, through your generous donations, RLT is able to support young people, who are the children of Leprosy patients, to gain access to education through scholarships.  One of the young people that you support is called, Acheni.  She is in her third year of an electrical engineering degree and doing extremely well.  Recently, Acheni told us about the work placement that she has been doing with Tanesco, which is the sole provider of electricity in Tanzania.  She had the opportunity to develop new skills and really start putting her knowledge into practice.  Acheni really is a pioneer from Kindwitwi especially as it is not always easy for young women to work in this sector. Here is a selfie that Acheni took on a building site during her work experience that she asked us to share with you.

We remain very grateful to you; RLT supporters who enable us to support these young people from Kindwitwi to have these kinds of opportunities.  Through their hard work and dedication can thrive and be successful.