An update on our community and Agriculture

As you know, agriculture is an important part of our way of life; it provides food for our families as well as an income because we sell our products at the market.  It is also an important part of our community’s identity, we pass down knowledge from generation to generation and we work (adults and children together) to produce the different products we need.  Therefore, I want to share with you some important updates about our land that have had a big impact on us recently.

Working on the fields in Kindwitwi
A typical Shamba

Rufiji River flood

We would like to inform you that the river Rufiji which is just nearby our village and where we use to plough vegetables and other crops after flood, was full of water caused by heavy rain we got in this area. The rain started at the end of September last year, ended during May of this year. The river brought sand to our Fields so that some of fields will no longer used for cultivation because no crop will be grown.

Rice fields

Due to heavy rain also it was hard to grow rice to the fields where we used to plant rice because rain started end of September and ploughing starts in Mid of October so we couldn’t plough the land because there was a lot of water in the fields. People are finding other means of getting food like planting Cassava etc.


We would like to inform our readers that though there where flood and water to the rice fields but we produced Sesame seed as cash crop and now we are harvesting, waiting for selling, this will help to reduce the stress of flood and shortage of food (in particular rice).