An update from The Foundation for Rapid Response to TB and Leprosy (FRRTL)

A few months ago, you will remember we updated you on the changes to our partner organisation in Kindwitwi, which changed its operating name from Kindwitwi Leprosy Care and Community Development Association (KLCCDA) to the Foundation for Rapid Response to TB and Leprosy (FRRTL).

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This was so it more fully reflects the work we are doing in Tanzania.

Caring for those with Leprosy and their families is still an important priority and RLT (with the support of your generous donations) continues to support this vital work.

Salum our shoemaker told us about a recent FRRTL Board meeting held at Kindwitwi village.

The aim was to discuss the progress of the FRRTL in general and important topics regarding leprosy and TB detection and treatment, as well as receiving updates on the prevention of disability project, repairs to villagers housing and educational opportunities for young people from Kindwitwi.

According to the arbitration from Board, all FRRTL Board meetings will be conducted in Kindwitwi not in Dar to decrease the cost of Rufiji Members to go to Dar.

Pictured below are Members at the meeting in Kindwitwi.